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PRS & Associates was established in 1996 by owner and managing member Linda Probert after several successful years in the industry. 
Linda’s previous years of experience coupled with her experience as owner and managing member of PRS & Associates makes her exceptionally qualified and experienced in her field. Together with her team, she brings decades of experience and expertise to this debt collection agencies initiatives.
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    Our mission statement

    PRS & Associates is proud to say that we are well known and respected for being committed to maintaining the very highest professional standards in all of our business practices. This means that we will always aim to provide our clients with the best possible service results.

    Our core mission is to be one of the leading debt recovery companies in the SMME market, collecting debt in a manner that leaves the dignity of the debtor intact, while at the same time providing our clients with a standard of service that is unrivalled in our industry. In so doing, we aim to benefit our clients’ businesses by helping them recover outstanding debt from their customers, in turn helping them focus their energy on making a success of their business.

    Debt collection agencies that make a difference – our company values

    Maintaining excellent company values is embedded into the core culture of our company. We make it our business to keep our clients updated on the status of their debt recovery at all times. In order to do this, we make sure to regularly maintain contact with all of our clients. We also arrange personal meetings with our clients on a regular basis in order to provide them with feedback, discuss new collections matters and answer any and all questions they might have – this is the difference all debt collection agencies strive to make in your debt recovery efforts.

    Because we value our clients, we always strive to promptly respond to all queries, complaints and/or requests they may have.

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