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Endeavouring to collect debt correctly and successfully can be difficult for a business that does not have sufficient resources. Debt recovery should not be taken lightly, the process needs to be executed professionally to maintain customer relations, whilst at the same time, ensuring sufficient inbound cashflow to fund the working capital needs of the business.

Why use a professional debt recovery service?

Many businesses recover debt in their own capacity, but the process by its very nature risks harming your reputation, cash flow and business goals. Our specialised knowledge and skills ensure that we correctly recover debt in line with the relevant debt collection rules and regulations.

Our team adapts according to the needs of your business. This allows us to deliver successful recovery results through flexible structure of payment plans, with minimal use of legal channels, to ensure your customers fulfill their financial obligations to your organisation.

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    How you know when it is time to consider debt recovery services:
    • You do not have employees dedicated to handling overdue debt.
    • You do not have sufficient time to perform debt recovery.
    • The debts owed to your business are too large (in financial terms) for employees to handle.
    • You are incurring high costs attempting to collect an overdue debt.
    • It costs more to retrieve debt than the debt being recovered.
    • Your employees do not have the necessary knowledge for the process.

    Collect debt to maintain your cash flow

    Regular cash flow forecasting and management are vital to predict the timing and extent of cash flow shortages and manage the impact thereof on the business.  Critical to this exercise is the assumption that customers will settle their debts with your business, according to the terms that have been agreed with them.  Where customers fail to honour these terms, the company is at risk of not being able to pay its debts as they fall due, placing the business in undue financial distress. 

    Poor cash flow management can undermine the trust suppliers, financiers and shareholders place in your business. With the inevitability of late-paying customers, companies need to have a plan to better combat these occurrences and avoid them from negatively influencing other operations. It goes without speaking, therefore, that successfully recovering debts owed to your business is essential for maintaining a healthy cash flow.

    Should you have debt owed to your business, utilise the professionals at PRS and Associates to successfully recover them. Our confidence allows us to provide our clients with a “no collection, no commission” clause, meaning that if we fail to recover your debt, you are not liable to compensate us for our services.

    The importance of debt recovery for all sized businesses

    No matter the size of your business, you are vulnerable to suffering from debts owed to your business. Whilst some companies successfully perform their debt recovery internally, others may be less efficient in the process. Poor debt collection operations can be harmful to all organisations as it significantly impacts cash flow and can negatively impact all stages of operation.

    The common misconception surrounding debt recovery is that it is more affordable to handle these processes in-house, with existing staff and resources. As professionals with years in the industry, we can assure that this is not always the case.

    Without experienced staff, resources and expertise, handling your business’s debt recovery can result in an incorrect approach that may infringe on debtor’s rights. Further to this, tasking existing employees with debt recovery may require time from other vital processes that could lead to slow growth and a possible waste of resources.

    Successfully collecting debt is a time-consuming process that requires much more than making a few phone calls. Debtors also often discredit the urgency regarding their owed debt when the company has themselves issued the request. With our professional debt recovery services, we save your business time and resources as we work on your behalf to recover debt successfully and efficiently.
    With professional debt recovery, you can do the following for your business:
    • Help the bottom line
    • Save time and money
    Why choose our debt recovery services?
    For any business to be successful, all payments for products and services need to be collected on time. When this is not done, businesses should utilise professional debt recovery to protect the cashflow of the business. By choosing professional services from PRS and Associates, your business can enjoy the following advantages:

    Legal protection

    Due to the various rules and regulations surrounding debt recovery, it can be tricky to navigate the process without professional guidance. Our team shares years of experience, enabling us to recover your debt without infringing on relevant rules and regulations.

    Document management

    With multiple clients, organising the paperwork required for recovery debt can be overwhelming. The importance of these documents makes organisation essential. With our debt recovery services, we make the process easy and organised to ensure you are compliant with all relevant laws.

    Financial security
    The uncertainty involved in outstanding client debts can leave businesses feeling vulnerable and out of control. With professional debt recovery from PRS, business owners are given the peace of mind that their business will successfully recover debts due. This improves cash flow and overall financial security.
    Spares time and resources

    Professional debt recovery services, such as those offered by PRS and associates, allow businesses to spare time and valuable resources to recover debt. Our services let business owners focus on other aspects that drive business growth while we are focusing on recovering its debt.

    Recovery through leading technology
    As debt recovery is all we focus on, we utilise the best tools and resources. With the ability to track down debtors, gain access to credit reports and search relevant records, we can obtain the necessary information to help retrieve the debt owed to you.

    It is a well-known fact that when debtors receive communication from a registered debt recovery organisation, they are more likely to take action to repay. Being approached by an external company creates a higher sense of urgency. Our network of debt recovery specialists allows us to deliver the message of recovery in a firm, but non-aggressive manner. We also utilise payment options to assist your clients in settling on possible payment plans.

    Are you interested in utilising a professional service to collect debt on behalf of your business? Be sure to get in touch with the specialists at PRS and Associates for outstanding service and fast recovery.
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