Debt collector services for your business

Any business owner understands the importance of managing a healthy cash flow to ensure smooth operations. To ensure this, maintaining debt collection is vital as overdue debt can severely harm business processes and disrupt business growth. The best route to follow is using a debt collector for an efficient and successful collection outcome that ensures disruptions in your business are avoided.

The time-consuming aspect of debt collection makes using a specialist vital. The extensive skill and knowledge offered by the specialists at PRS and Associates ensures that your business enjoys the benefit of proven debt recovery techniques to yield the best possible collection outcome. We utilise leading resources and tactics to encourage repayments from clients in a manner that suits the individual and business. We also conduct our services in a professional style to ensure that all customer relations are maintained, and that relevant rules and regulations are followed.

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    Why is using a debt collector beneficial?

    Many businesses recover debt in their own capacity, but the process by its very nature risks harming your reputation, cash flow and business goals. Our specialised knowledge and skills ensure that we correctly recover debt in line with the relevant debt collection rules and regulations.

    We follow a “no collection, no commission” approach.

    Our services are tailored to suit your business requirements on a no collection, no commission basis. This means that we do not charge for our services if our recovery was unsuccessful, ensuring that your losses are minimised and returns maximised. The confidence in our service pushes us to provide only the best service for ultimate debt recovery.

    You gain access to expert assistance

    Debt recovery may sound like an easy task, but it often proves to be ‘easier said than done’. Successfully recovering debt requires access to unique resources, expert skills and comprehensive knowledge of relevant rules and regulations. The team at PRS and associates provides all this (and more) for a successful recovery that preserves healthy client relations.

    Employing us to recover debts on your business’s behalf also gives you the peace of mind that all legal risks associated with the process are eliminated.

    Allows you to focus on your business

    When performing your own debt recovery, your business could be using valuable resources that would be better allocated to achieving business goals. By outsourcing this process, you can ensure that your employees are focused on their goals aligned to business growth whilst having the peace of mind that your debt recovery is in capable hands.

    Fast results

    Our specialists’ experience helps us provide our clients with fast and efficient debt recovery services. When a professional service approaches an overdue debtor, they are more likely to take action on paying the debt they owe as they become aware that your company has taken further action. We also assist your clients in coming to an agreement where payment in instalments needs to occur.

    The process is fully documented

    Our agency maintains detailed records that detail all aspects of our debt recovery process for the client concerned. These records are retained and made available to you should you have no alternative but to take legal action if the debtor refuses to honour their obligation to you.

    For more information on this process, please click here.

    What professional debt recovery does for your business

    At PRS and Associates, we conduct professional debt recovery services regulated by the Debt Collector’s Act. We practice debt recovery diligently for the best results and do so within the guidelines of these regulations.

    Our services strive to make the recovery process a hassle-free one for all sized businesses. This assists in maintaining healthy cash flow and ensures that you maintain a good relationship with your customers. We believe that a good relationship is crucial for running a successful business, and as a result, we hold this in high regard throughout the recovery process.

    Our efficiency can assist your business in reducing costs by attempting to collect this yourself. It can also reduce potential legal fees that may arise during the debt collection process. With advanced networks and resources, we speed up the process to get your cash flow back on track as soon as possible.

    How we have mastered debt recovery

    Expert communication

    Proper communication is a crucial part of successful debt recovery. Through efficient communication, our specialists liaise with your clients and build a trust-based relationship to recover debts on your behalf. This assists in maintaining your client relationships and makes it easier to resolve overdue debt matters. We can also assist by setting up payment plans and offer various payment options.

    Efficient negotiation tactics

    As successful debt recovery specialists, we are proud of our negotiation skills to facilitate better results for your business. Through negotiation, we aim to settle on a solution to resolve overdue debt, that suits both you and your customer.

    We take an empathetic approach

    Through an empathetic approach, we can understand the situation with a balance of logic and emotion. This empathy facilitates us in growing healthy relationships with your clients to better recover debt owed to your business. This method also ensures that your client relations are better maintained for the future.

    We are goal orientated

    Our goal-oriented approach allows our specialists to better identify which processes need to be implemented for your unique situation to ensure that debt recovery is successful. Through expert resources and years of experience, we can correctly utilise a goal-orientated approach to persistently implement the best-suited tactics.

    Our debt recovery difference
    Trusting in an experienced debt collector will bring your business cost-effective and efficient results. Our motivation ensures only the best results. If you require leading debt recovery for your business, be sure to contact our team.
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