Debt Recovery

If you find that your business is struggling to collect debt from your customers, it would be a wise decision to consider making use of a professional debt recovery company, such as PRS & associates. This saves you precious time and resources, allowing you to focus on growing your business, while we collect the debt owed to you.

Pre-legal steps in the debt recovery process

Our process of debt recovery on behalf of our clients is as follows:
Step 1: Handovers and gathering information from our clients
As soon as a client commissions us to provide them with our services, we will request that they provide us with all the documentation related to the debtor. Receipt of all handovers are acknowledged by way of facsimile, email or return post.
Step 2: Gathering information on, or tracking and tracing the debtor
After we have received all the information we need from our client, we will proceed to gather further information on the debtor involved. In the case where a debtor has “gone missing”, we will take the necessary steps to track and trace them using the latest cross referencing and analytical technology. This is done at no extra cost to you.
Step 3: Contacting the debtor and obtaining payment commitment

After we have gathered all the necessary information on the debtor, we will proceed to contact them via fax, mail, email or phone to arrange payment. Debtors are informed of their pending listing on the National Credit Bureau. After we have received a commitment towards payment, we will ensure that payment materialises. If a debtor refuses to pay due to an ongoing dispute, we will endeavour to resolve the dispute with our client.

If a debtor fails to cooperate, we will proceed to take all the necessary pre-legal steps to ensure payment follows.

Compensation for our services is regulated by Annexure B of the Regulations to the Debt Collector’s Act (Act 114 of 1998), click here to view this fee structure. Amounts quoted in Annexure B exclude VAT, accordingly we are required to add VAT to our charges since we are VAT-registered. These fees are added to a debtors’ outstanding amount as and when incurred, making it very important to resolve disputes soonest to avoid additional collection fees. We encourage debtors to enter fixed payment arrangements where possible to ensure such fees are kept to a minimum. Should you be interested in establishing such an arrangement with us, please click here.

Step 4: Legal action
If a debtor still refuses to pay after we have exhausted all pre-legal collection options, we will proceed to take legal action against the debtor. Our clients can be rest assured that we will never take legal action without discussing the cost with them and gaining their permission.
PRS & Associates offers our debt recovery services on a “no collection no charge” basis. This means that if we are unsuccessful in collecting your debt, you will not have to compensate us.
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